I’m making games now!

This blog didn’t turned out as I hoped it would, but that’s what usually happens with me & websites, which needs constant attention. It goes without saying that 3 year old posts are a bit outdated now, iOS really moved forward and the content here – didn’t.

Crisp Bacon banner

So, if anyone is still visiting I wanted to post an update, that I have started making games now. Ironically, I just finished one I did start at the same time as I started with foobarpig.com. It is called Crisp Bacon and if you have an Android device, you can  get it Crisp Bacon on Google Play. I also have a development blog, which already has 3 posts! Crazy, right?

I hope FooBarPig.com helped anyone and I hope it didn’t annoyed too much that solutions posted here were quite outdated. I still do some iOS development (and I plan to make some games for it!) and I feel you – it’s really painful to find only old posts for the problem you’re looking for.

Have a nice day!



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